About Us

Want some quick lunch and not have to wait a long time to get it? Come to La Reyna Market and we will cook something up for you. We have tortas and tacos served with beans and rice. We have two different ways for you to eat your torta. You can have just a regular torta or what we call a wet torta, which has the meat of your choice and vegetables, but it is covered in tomato sauce. Whichever way you decide to try the torta you will be delighted.

This can be accompanied by beans and rice. We also serve tacos inside the store on days that the outdoor taco stand isn't available. You always have a choice of what meat and vegetables you would like on it. If you get thirsty you can always have a soda, or you can try our delicious freshwaters. The waters we offer are Horchata, Jamaica, and pineapple. So if you are ever in a hurry stop by you will be very satisfied with the lunch you will be eating.